It’s within heart that we expose Richard M

September 18, 2022

It’s within heart that we expose Richard M

“Bottom line, Richards research and you will exercises period half a century, since the aspects of atmospheric rays, planetary atmospheres and you may exploration, effects of polar ice towards the environment, secluded sensing, and you will rules out of atmospheric physics and chemistry. He’s generated loads of completely new efforts in it that enjoys inside-breadth and you can greater impacts toward atmospheric and planetary sciences. The newest demonstration out-of AGUs large awardthe William Bowie Medalto Richard maybe not merely understands their a fantastic benefits in order to basic geophysics and you can unselfish collaboration in the lookup, in addition to places your regarding the group from an enthusiastic (from inside the atmospheric chemistry). Goody to you personally.”


“I’m recognized to-be included one of many users of the William Bowie Medal, such as as the lineup of users consists of too many renowned labels, together with that from individual household members and you will colleagues exactly who might have invited myself. In reaction, I want to say what a job during the geophysics features supposed to myself.

“My personal very first come upon that have atmospheric measurements was within the period of 1942-1946, when my personal occupations were to decide to try prototype, high-height competitors and you may bombers. In one airfield, meanwhile, Dobson and Maker was in fact and make the groundbreaking sized water vapour about stratosphere. It absolutely was my wartime enjoy you to contributed Gordon Sutherland to give me personally the ability to make and you can travel a keen infrared solar spectrometer to find the complete amount of water vapour about stratosphere.

“Out of this performs, I install passion inside radiative import, weather patterns, this new connections anywhere between moves and you will rays, quantitative spectroscopy, remote sensing which have infrared spectra, brand new thermodynamics of your mesosphere, and some almost every other topics that fit no apparent trend. A major expansion regarding my personal interests was available in 1954 when i analyzed The Physics of one’s Globe Mars by the Grams. deVaucouleurs, I was an easy convert, and you can off that time towards I have taken a great appeal from inside the planetary atmospheres, principally that from the earthlike planets, Mars and you can Venus.

“My personal interests was the molded before start of the Place Ages and you can until the fast upsurge in authorities capital to have Earth science that were only available in the late 1950s. I’ve not ever been actually involved in the high ideas you to characterize a lot of modern geophysics and you will room physics. I do want to be able to claim that, on independence preference I’ve had, could work have inside specific huge structure, certain overriding goal, but in all honesty I have already been things out-of a good dilettante, picking right up fascinating subject areas and progressing to others whenever anything are completed.

“I can claim you to definitely inspiration to possess the things i do, namely, enjoy a robust, mental process that combines objectivity with creativity. All the You will find previously desired to carry out was scientific search, which is the way i had been fortunate to spend my lifestyle, and i am seriously pleased to your American Geophysical Connection having that it identification you to definitely might work makes some contribution so you can good large and you will crucial occupation.”

Raymond Cover up

Brand new 1997 William Bowie Medal, supplied by AGU getting a fantastic benefits in order to simple geophysics and also for unselfish collaboration inside research, are presented to Raymond Mask at the AGU Springtime Fulfilling Prize Service on may twenty-eight for the Baltimore.


“The brand new Bowie Medal ‘s the American Geophysical Unions highest honor remembering `a good benefits in order to basic geophysics and you may `unselfish cooperation inside research. Ray Hides field abounds with many different examples of their practical benefits along with his shot of the latest and you can stimulating records, plus having examples of his leadership and you will society service. For over forty years, Ray provides this new geophysical neighborhood having a steady flow out-of the newest ideas and you may practical enhances toward a broad spectrum of subject areas, and, yet others, the basic hydrodynamics and you will magnetohydrodynamics from rotating fluids, geomagnetism, planetary magnetism, actions on the Earths key, movement on the Earths rotation, in addition to character of conditions of your Earth and other worlds. Rays listing of more two hundred guides discusses an amazing range of information in the Earths core to Jupiters High Yellow Put. Right here I could high light never assume all out-of his of a lot achievements.

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